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Capstone Partners is a strategic advisory firm for clients in the mobile, IoT, software and technology industries. Capstone provides strategic advisory, partnership insights and other services to help clients accelerate time to market and revenue growth. Capstone accelerates connected business.

December 10, 2019

Q1: How would you describe the current state of IoT?

A1: If I am honest, I would describe it as in the doldrums. There was a tremendous amount of activity and innovation in the early 2010s, and much of that seems to have dried up on the technology side. Many of the nece...

October 24, 2017

Who owns your ketchup? That is the question that came up during a conversation at a private event in New York City last week (hat tip to Shelly Palmer) with a broad variety of interesting folks from technology and media. More specifically, who owns the data about the s...

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